Adopting the right dog grooming tips will keep your dog looking and smelling great. Below are some proven grooming tips every dog owner should practice:

Brush their Coat

Brushing your dog’s fur and skin will remove debris, dirt, dead hair, an unpleasant odour from their skin. By brushing your dog’s skin, you will distribute natural oils and keep the skin look healthy and shiny. Proper brushing will make your next grooming appointment smooth by eliminating tangling and matting.

Brushing the Teeth

It’s recommended to brush your dog’s teeth every day, but if this is not possible, brushing your dog’s teeth two to three times a week will make a lot of difference. You should use toothpaste made solely for dogs. Human toothpaste has harmful ingredients that could make your dog sick since dogs can’t spit. Chew treats and dental sprays can be effective if you find it hard to brush your dog’s teeth.

Nail Trimming

Dog’s nails grow quickly, just like for humans. Some dogs can wait for up to six weeks to have their nails trimmed, while others require trimming every two weeks. If you don’t like all the doggie drama that comes with nail trimming, you should make regular visits to dog grooming parlours.

Face Cleaning

Cleaning your dog’s face regularly will help eliminate bacteria. Certain dog breeds like shar peis and bulldogs have skin folds and wrinkles on their faces. It’s common for moisture to accumulate in these folds, leading to the breeding of harmful bacteria.

Other routine grooming tips for dogs include bathing them to keep them smelling great. Clean the area around your dog’s eyes to prevent eye goop and their ears from preventing infection.

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