Anyone who owns a dog will appreciate that there is a certain amount of exercise that the dog will need. Walks are an essential part of a dog’s routine and should never be missed, no matter what the weather. While some dogs will not be keen to go out in the rain, plenty will and if they still want to go for a walk the owner should take them.

Benefits of walking

Both the owner and the dog will get a benefit from taking regular walks. It will help to keep weight down and will improve fitness levels. It will also be beneficial in establishing a routine for the dog. Some animals will also suffer from separation anxiety. Taking them for a walk twice a day will help to ease the symptoms of this and will also be a bonding opportunity for you and the dog.

To make the most of the exercise, you should make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing when walking your dog. Loose and comfortable clothing will help you to move easily, as will appropriate footwear. As you have to walk your dog in all weathers, keep in mind that you may find yourself splashing through a lot of puddles at some point. To get a few ideas of what to wear check out activewear nz for examples of exercise appropriate clothes.

Dogs that are walked more regularly are also better at socializing than those that do not. While it is a good idea to be wary of other dogs, it can help your dog to make friends with other animals. You’ll find that if you walk your pet in the same areas you are likely to bump into the same people regularly, so it can help you to make friends too. Although you should prepare yourself for learning the dogs’ names before you find out the owners’ names!

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